Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee (CR), is the professional outreach arm of the Undergraduate Economics Association. CR is dedicated to maintaining relationships with our corporate contacts and organizing professional development opportunities through its workshops and networking info-sessions with sponsors and industry professionals. Committee members improve their recruiting and outreach skills through communication with recruiters and professionals to host and organize events. Additionally, members learn about professional development and recruiting for various industries e.g. consulting, banking, tech, etc. from weekly committee meetings and workshops held by committee co-chairs.


A large part of the CR committee is its focus on personal and community development. All committee members are paired with UEA officers and alumni for coffee chats, designed to improve the committee member's networking skills. In addition, committee members have the opportunity to spearhead and host professional events from industry panels to company info sessions, allowing them to work closely and build relationships with company contacts and alumni.

The CR committee organizes events to develop a strong community within UEA. Every semester, all committee members are tasked with planning at least one general event open to all members. Applying to the CR committee is a great step towards learning about networking and outreach as well as forming fulfilling relationships with other members and the UEA community as a whole.




Interested in becoming a member of UEA's corporate relations committee?

Every semester, PA hosts a few events that are open to all UEA general members. Keep up with our events on the UEA Facebook page.

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