The easiest way to get involved with UEA is to come to our events. There are three different kinds of events that we host each semester: On-campus events, off-campus events, and corporate events. Our event invitations are always sent out in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.


UEA's on-campus events are some of the most accessible events that we offer. These events are always open to all general members. 

  • Movie Nights

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Academic Salons

  • Professor Luncheons

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Fall 2019 in Tahoe

Spring 2019 in Monterey


UEA's best social events occur off-campus. Some of these events are open to all general members, but some are reserved for lifetime and committee members (due to capacity).

  • Fun socials around Berkeley and SF (in the past we have gone bowling, mini-golfing, to the horse races, and for brunch)

  • Alumni Nights (once a semester)

  • Alumni coffee chats

  • Fall trip to the Federal Reserve of SF

  • Overnight Retreat (once a semester we get an Airbnb somewhere in California for a weekend. In the past we have gone to Marin, Monterey, Tahoe, and Gualala).

  • General Banquet at the end of each semester


As the largest economics association on campus, UEA is uniquely positioned to co-host corporate events with companies who look to recruit Berkeley students. In any given semester, UEA expects to host the following corporate events:

  • Company information sessions

  • Corporate coffee chats

  • Industry and internship panels

  • Case competitions