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Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs committee, AA for short, is the academic arm of the Undergraduate Economics Association. AA is all about enriching the academic experience of Berkeley students interested in economics and developing meaningful connections with like-minded peers. We make sure to foster a sense of community in AA through socials as well as cooperative projects. Committee members learn how to explore various intersectional topics in the field of economics, dispute current economic events, host informative workshops, make connections with faculty, and benefit from the collective knowledge pool of AA members.


In any given meeting you can find yourself presenting a certain topic in economics, debating a current event, leading a workshop, leading your team in a case competition, having a casual conversation with esteemed professors in the economics department, or making friends with similar interests. AA members get to share their insight with the rest of UEA through workshops as well as the semesterly Economic Salon where a team of AA representatives hosts an informative event about a topic decided on by the committee.


If you decide to take on an active role in UEA by joining a committee, AA is the perfect place to flex your intellectual capabilities, apply your leadership skills, make meaningful connections in the econ department, and contribute to the larger UEA family. As a member of the Academic Affairs committee, you will be an active part of a collective effort to build a social outlet for academically-minded econ students to enrich their college experience, and you will have fun doing it.

Meet the Directors

These are the Directors of the Academic Affairs Committee for Spring 2024.




Interested in becoming a member of UEA's academic affairs committee? Apply here!

Every semester, AA hosts a few events that are open to all UEA general members. Keep up with our events on the UEA Instagram page.

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