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The Undergraduate Economics Association can be a small or a big part of your experience at Cal; it is what you make of it. There are three different tiers of membership within the organization, all with different benefits and levels of commitment. 


Anyone can become a mailing-list member - all you need to do is join our mailing list! As a mailing-list member, you are welcome to come to all of our events, workshops, and club-wide socials.

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Lifetime members are students who want to build a stronger bond with UEA. Much like mailing-list members, lifetime members are invited to our events, workshops, and club-wide socials, but they receive a number of other perks as well. Lifetime members get access to our UEA course database and the UEA Slack workplace where we post about opportunities and hold conversations among current econ students. They also get access to a number of social activities: member and alumni coffee chats, and our semesterly overnight retreat. To become a lifetime member, there is a one-time $30 membership fee. 


Committee members are students who aim to make UEA a big part of their college experience. Each of our three committees has weekly meetings throughout the semester where they work on projects, learn and develop professional skills, and have lively debates and discussions. To become a committee member, you must be a lifetime member and submit an application to the committee you would like to join at the beginning of the semester. Learn more about what each individual committee does on the committee pages.



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