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UEA Research

The UEA Research Committee is the newest addition to the Undergraduate Economics Association. Our teams develop their own economic research across various fields in the discipline. Through seminars and workshops, we also develop our members' skills in econometrics, statistical tools such as Excel and R, and academic writing. At the end of the semester, each team will have finalized an original piece of research to be published on the UEA website and potentially in economic journals. 

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Our committee splits its members into smaller research teams led by a research lead. Throughout the semester, UEA Research will work to complete original economics research and equip its members with the tools to participate more actively in the discipline.

This semester, UEA Research is being built from the ground up. Thus, applying to UEA Research will provide you with the opportunity to participate in student-driven economics research and build a thriving UEA Research community.

Meet the Directors

These are the Directors of the Academic Affairs Committee for Spring 2024.




Interested in becoming a member of UEA Research? Apply here!

Every semester, UEA Research hosts a few events that are open to all UEA general members. Keep up with our events on the UEA Instagram page.

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