UEA Consulting is a student-led consulting organization within the Undergraduate Economics Association at UC Berkeley. Founded in 2019, we take on two projects each semester from clients across all industries. Our dedicated teams of consultants are comprised of undergraduates from a multitude of backgrounds, allowing us to leverage interdisciplinary skills to deliver results and recommendations to our clients.

We recruit students with strong strategic thinking skills who can effectively apply their experiences and skills to the projects we take on each semester. We understand that there is always more to learn, so throughout each semester, we train our consultants a number of specific skills and frameworks to deliver the highest quality insights and solutions to our clients.


We seek clients that look for data-driven insights and use targeted frameworks and models to provide actionable recommendations. In the past, our clients have ranged from start-ups to nonprofits to corporations. Our projects have focused on strategy, operations, marketing, pricing, and more.


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Interested in becoming a consultant on the UEA Consulting team? Our applications are currently closed, but when they open they will be here.

If you would have a project that you would like UEA Consulting to take on in a future semester, email us at ucberkeleyuea@gmail.com and we will be in touch.

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